Ashby's Vineyards

Ashby’s Block (2 Acres) - The newest of the blocks at Anomaly Vineyards is Ashby’s Block, replanted in 2007.  We had a chance to try some new viticultural practices with this block.  We changed the row orientation and also are experimenting with a different style of pruning.  Most of Anomaly is spur pruned (typical cordons that look like the letter “T”), but in the newer plantings we have begun training the vines in a cane pruned system ( a system that is less linear looking but arguably more natural to the way a vine would want to grow).   Having a new parcel to plant in 2007 also allowed us to increase the percentage of Petit Verdot we have on the property.  Since the original Petit Verdot in Indee’s Block made the final blend in every vintage, lending rich, dark notes to the wine, we are excited to have more to work with.

Quick Facts:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 4 on Schwarzmann 0.6 Acres
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 6 on Schwarzmann  0.6 Acres
  • Petit Verdot Proprietary Clone on Schwarzmann  0.6 Acres
  • Planted 2007
  • Pruning: Double Guyot Cane
  • NE x SW