Anomaly Vineyards Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from PERGO di CORTONA ITALY


Yes, that's right. In addition to fabulous Cabernet, we also offer exceptional Italian olive oil. How do we do it? Well, sit back and I'll tell you a story. Many years ago, Steve’s brother Andy, and his wife, Denise, purchased a home in the small town of Cortona in the Tuscany region of Italy (the same town that was prominent in the book, Under The Tuscan Sun). As with Anomaly and our patch of grapes, their property came with an olive orchard – the only difference between our patch and their grove was acreage. Our original one acre versus their 23 (or 9.2 hectares to be properly Italian) acres. There are 1,200 olive trees on their property (give or take a few) of the Frantoio, Leccino, and Morellino variety and ranging from 50-500 years old.

The olives for this unfiltered oil were hand picked and cold pressed daily over a two week period in late November 2012. Our first four offerings of Anomaly Olive Oil sold out quickly. This year's oil will be arriving in March and will be hand-bottled by our skilled crew (us!), This EVOO will be available with the release of the 2010 Anomaly Cabernet. Gustare!

Chef Brandon Olsen has created some delicious recipes featuring Anomaly Olive Oil.

Bottle Size 375 ml  Price $30.00 - Sold Out