Anomaly Library Wines

2016 | The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is loaded with dark fruit flavors and playful nuances of complexity. This vintage has intense structure but is overlaid with a beautifully silky and inviting texture. Everything is in its right place, and the wine builds seamlessly on your palate. Although the wine can be appreciated for its power and purity now, it will certainly benefit from a few more years of cellaring and will age gracefully for decades.  Note from June 2019 Tasting:  Soft and playful with a subtle youthful edge and fruit-forward charm. This wine is about the future. Hold

2015 | The 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon exemplifies the classic style for which Anomaly has become known.  It is a dense wine with focused minerality and taut tannins.  Complex spice notes and dark, intricate oak tones give character to this age-worthy Cabernet.  Note from June 2019 Tasting:  Rich and powerful, with a pleasant ripeness. Balanced tension from firm tannins will allow this wine to age gracefully for years to come. Hold

2014 | The 2014 Anomaly Cabernet Sauvignon is incredibly inviting.   The nose is pure and soft; a bouquet of hazelnut and sweet oak tones fill the glass.  A concise perfume note keeps the wine’s focus in the midst of richer scents of anise and mocha.  This wine delivers on flavor, living up to its gorgeous nose. It is soft and smooth on entry.  Floral notes evolve into flavors of dark cherry and blackberry on the palate. Precise, fine grained tannins will allow it to age gracefully.   Note from June 2019 Tasting:  Dark/savory notes play to this wine’s strengths. Round/rich tannins help elongate the finish. Pairs beautifully with grilled meats. Hold

2013 | The 2013 Anomaly Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is incredibly focused.  The bouquet is bursting with ripe red cherry aromas, delicately followed by hints of oak and allspice.  The fruit flavors are dark, layered, and tightly wound; clove and chocolate notes accent the rich blackberry essence.  The tannins are chewy, yet fine and elongate the wine's luxurious finish.  Note from June 2019 Tasting:  Superbly complex, but with a bouncy (youthful) character. Aromatically pleasing elements of smoked/cured meats and a mouthfeel of delicately layered dusty tannins. Hold

2012 | The 2012 Anomaly is an inviting wine; with warm spice notes of mahogany, nutmeg, and sage.  The palate of the wine begins with rich cherry flavors and evolves seamlessly into darker notes of black currant and fruit compote.  It is rich in stature, but graceful in its delivery.  The tannins are fine grained, smooth and persistent, leading to a velvety and ridiculously long finish.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  Fun and flirty, with a juicy/seductive quality. This wine is super drinkable, however patience will be rewarded. Hold

2011 | The 2011 Anomaly reflects its growing season; cool, crisp, and classic.  The wine is incredibly dark, and offers scents of lavender, rose oil, toasted almonds, and anise.  The palate is fresh and vibrant; it reminds us of dark cherry, blackberry, and pomegranate.  The wine is smooth throughout the palate; round, chewy tannins lend the wine structure and length.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  Inviting notes of star anise, tar, and sweet rhubarb; the scent flows through and into the core of the palate. More charming than ever! Hold

2010 | The 2010 Anomaly is complex both in aroma and in flavor.  We are enthralled by dark notes of clove, tar, and anise in the bouquet.  The mouthful is cool, elegant, and sturdy; it is replete with fresh fruit flavors of blackberry and plum.  The wine has a gentle flow from front to back, buoyed by fresh acid and svelte tannins.  Note from June 2019 tasting: The perfect balance of age and ripeness - dark cherry and orange tea spice notes round out this vivacious wine. Hold

2009 | Each and every nuance in the 2009 vintage both complements the previous flavor and prepares you for the next. It is thorough without being too rich, precise, yet complex, inviting but also mysterious.  It is simply the best example of the noble Cabernet grape that Anomaly has been fortunate enough to help steward into bottle.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  A floral and perfumed nose with dusty mocha notes and beautiful oak tones that come alive with tantalizing acidity. Firm and confident, yet delightfully graceful. Drink/Hold

2008 | The nose is warm and inviting, reminiscent of nutmeg, almond and brioche. Darker notes of roasted coffee bean and bittersweet chocolate demonstrate this wine's persistence. The 2008 Anomaly Cabernet Sauvignon coats the entire palate with flavors of salted caramels, dark fruits, and toasted hazelnut. Tannins are fine grained and youthful, leading to Anomaly’s signature, velvety finish.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  A balanced palate of sweet oak/clean wood undertones mixed with cool dark blue fruits that will develop more with time. Drink/Hold

2007 | The darkest Anomaly to date, the 2007 is an exceptionally rich red along the edges and black in the center. It reveals the splendor of the near-perfect growing season, balancing ripe fruit and powerful structure. The nose exhibits scents of brown sugar, espresso, and fresh beignets. Notes of raspberry streusel and black cherry accent the firm masculine structure of this vintage. The tannins are dense and plush.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  Dark and savory in a cool, pretty way. This wine is classic and classy, like a film noir. Drink/Hold

2006 | The 2006 Anomaly Cabernet Sauvignon smells of sweet cream, Earl Grey and jasmine. Dark fruits pervade the core of raspberry and plum and are accented by notes of black pepper and molasses. It is a solidly structured vintage with palpable density, exemplifying the characteristics that have made Napa famous. The tannins are firm, round and sumptuous.  This classically balanced wine will age gracefully for years.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  Classically mature in that wonderful Bordeaux-like way. Great balance of freshness and tertiary fruit qualities. This wine is pleasantly ready to be enjoyed. Drink

2005 | Loaded with dark fruit flavors of blackberry and plum. It begins with smooth and approachable scents of Darjeeling tea, confectionary notes, and island spice. The wine is smooth and dense with dessert-like flavors of panna cotta and caramel. The tannins are relaxed, round and amiable.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  Spicy/nutty notes that are mysteriously perfumed and rich. Dense and layered, this wine could be cellared or happily consumed. Drink/Hold

2004 | Captures the richness of this warm and low yielding year. The wine offers aromas of hazelnut, cocoa powder, dried herbs and dense, dark fruits. Notes of black cherry, tamarind and graphite flesh out its seamless palate. The tannins are firm and sweet providing for a supple, confident and creamy foundation.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  Baking spices and candied fruit qualities are present on the palate of this wine from a warm harvest growing season. Drink

2003 | Scents of jasmine invite the drinker in, as notes of peppermint stick, hazelnut, and licorice combine to create a distinctively marzipan aroma. The bouquet further exhibits hints of zest and clean notes of flint and wet stone. In the palate, a viscous, yet delicate introduction leads to a round and broad mouthfeel with flavors of huckleberry and baking spices. This vintage features a classic structure, providing a vital and balanced foundation for the wine. The tannins are supple and easily approachable.  Note from June 2019 tasting:  An “Old World” wine with complex viscosity and deep veins of earth and fruit. Showing quietly playful elegance today. Drink

2002 | Dark ruby color accentuates the layered aromas and flavors of black cherry, cassis, and plum, with undertones of currants, licorice and spice. A concentrated mouthful of rich ripe fruit give this wine a weighty yet elegant feel, culminating in Anomaly’s signature tannin structure.  Not tasted in 2019, but here are our thoughts from last year’s tasting:  Hints of black tar, barrel spice, fennel, and cardamom are layered throughout this classic Napa Cabernet. Drink

2001 | Layered aromas and flavors of dense black cherry, subtle licorice, ripe blackberries and hints of cocoa. A focused palate of rich, ripe fruit lead to the soft and silky tannin structure.  Not tasted in 2019, but here are our thoughts from last year’s tasting:  Showing it's age a bit, notes of sage and dry straw are present on the nose, while the palate offers delicate flavors of strawberry and baked fruit. Drink

2000 | Aromas of black cherry, cola, currents and hints of chocolate introduce a rich mouthful of intense fruit with a creamy finish. The wine was aged in Margaux style French oak which compliments the fruit flavors and firm, yet approachable tannins.  Not tasted in 2019, but here are our thoughts from last year’s tasting:  Surprisingly rich and herby on the nose, undertones of mocha are exhibited on the palate. Drink